Notre thématique

Optimizing the therapeutic management of tumors with a high genetic instability, through the model of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC)."

The triple negative breast cancers are aggressive tumors, often associated with abnormalities in BRCA1. They often exhibit deregulation of EGFR and cellular repair systems with genetic instability.

From various cellular and murine models, we will study the effector mechanisms of targeted drugs and try to find optimal combinations. We will, in parallel, develop specific clinical trials for these patients and evaluate the biological changes under treatment. Our group decided to focus on this specific group of tumors without therapeutic targets defined in order to find the best treatment options tailored to the biology of different groups of TNBC. To explore the putative biomarkers of TNBC, we need to better understand their carcinogenesis, to see if, excepted of constitutive mutations in BRCA, there are predispositions to the development of such tumors.